Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dropping Will it Snow for Christmas

I know I will not like Will it Snow for Christmas even if I already watched 10 episodes. I'm not really a fan of melodramas, it's only good in the beginning and I get more irritated with the lead actors every episode. Why do they have to suffer because of their lies? Things get complicated because of not speaking up and telling lies will always have consequences. errr! I'm so mad! Why did I watch it in the first place now I have to finish it out of dying curiousity.. or I'll just read dramabeans recap to give less heart damage.

But looking at the bright side Kang Jin has a great character in this drama. He's strong, smart, good looking and a little bit of singing ability (always a plus) he also have flaws. And I'm amaze how he acted on Beomsoo shenanigans.. very smart indeed.

I would love to see a melodrama that have a strong leading ladies physically and mentally. they don't need to talk back, shout or be careless of what other people think to be strong.. they need to be more like Go Mi Nam (I know.. I really love her! number one leading lady I've seen!) just use the truth as a weapon but has compassion for others. but then again it's a melodrama, it needs to be tragic.

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