Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's inside my bag

Here goes my self centered post. I was thinking of my old bag that I used when I was still in high school and made me think of the things I put inside my bag. And it's totally different from my current stuffs. I use to have baby powder, hair doctor comb, mirror, make-up and crappy things.. Now the only make-up that I have in my bag is lip-gloss (is that counted?)... I like having a big bag even if I don't need a lot of space for my things because when I buy stuff I don't like holding to many plastic bag in my hands, and there's a tendency to lose it.

I can't leave our house without my bottled water. I don't care how heavy my bag will be. lol. My zune is a must, no one borrows my zune because of my taste of music.. what's wrong with that?.. and my mini Bible, you don't know who I will come across with and it's the best book to read. Hair ties and Bobby pins in case I'm having a bad hair day.

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