Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Mate!

I know I'm really ignorant when it comes to Korean indie band.. I'm glad sookyeong also updates with this kind of news.. I also found out Nia, Dia through her.. There's a news that they will release their first album this week but I didn't see anything floating around the net, which kinda sucks because I'm really anticipating something from them after watching multiple videos.. and I got really excited when I found a video of one of their member singing the song from Doremifasolatido where Jang Geun Suk wrote a song for the girl he met at the amusement park.. I so love that song! I keep looking for a rip version of that since that movie came out, I didn't even know the title of the song so it's really hard to find it.. and then bam! Mate composed the song.. I feel like going back to the days where I used to love OPM songs.. :D

And their live performance of "I Love You" in Music Tralala

Mate- longing (lol I'm really educating myself right now!)

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