Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You better get ready for a big surprise!

Because of this song I met my bestest friends =D.. It may not be successful thing in our teacher's eyes but for us it was a very special memory that we will forever treasure. We didn't bring any materials for our T.L.E. project and those who didn't bring anything will stand at the back of our room.. then Ms. DGmon asked as one by one if we have one material that she told us to bring if we do have we can sit but the four of us (Mico, Dom, Julian and Me) didn't bring anything that's why we kept standing.. it's kinda shameful for us to be there standing because first we are girls and second we are girls.. haha! Usually when a teachers punishes their student, the students can't even raise their heads because of embarrassment, but that's the total opposite of what we did.. we keep on chatting about random stuff then out of nowhere Mico shared her experience in her old school about a girl who looks awkward dancing the "Yes Yes Show" of Parokya ni Edgar then we end up copying her and we were the only making noise in our room and that made my teacher burst into anger and sent us to the principal's office which is very very big deal because we skipped the first level which is the "guidance counselor".. it was really scary for me because that's my first time being sent there.. I was not a good student but I'm not bad either. So instead of being close to our Homeroom teacher she hated us the whole school year.. we never got high mark in our cards in her subject.. But through her and the yes yes show song we became close and still are =)

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