Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After School is banging!

And I'm liking it. After School is one the Korean Idol Group that is not following the new dark trend nor did they follow the cutesy image when it was still hot in Korea, they make sure that their name will not be other's shadow and yes they succeeded that. People call them as Korean Pussycatdolls and I couldn't agree more with that.

I love their new concept! It does remind me of Drumline but it's not a bad thing at least it's not other Idol Group. It's a little disappointing that we only see them with drums for a few seconds, but we know that they did take part on the drum beats in their album. I wonder if they will use drums on Music Shows because of course you can't hand sync a drum it will be so obvious when you make mistakes but like Pledis said they practiced for 5 months they should master it by that time huh. But then again it's not a song I can follow easily but I'm pretty sure Koreans can but in general a song should be catchy in other for it to be big.. that's how I see it.

"With U" is not bad either.. I don't know if I should grab a copy of their album but maybe I will.


With U-

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