Sunday, March 21, 2010

What should I watch?

I still don't know what drama I should watch this Spring. I wanna watch all the dramas at the same time but it's kinda hard to focus. Usually SBS does a great job when it comes to prime time dramas, but I think MBC's Personal Taste will be a hit too. KBS's Cinderella's Sister looks like a hardcore melodrama.. should I stay away from it? I was expecting a lot from that drama because Seo Woo is one of the main cast, and TaecYeon from 2PM will be the second guy but I don't know.. The casting is so great but I'm still doubtful with the storyline. I hope it will be as great as the casting. Well what ever drama will prove that putting an idol singer in their drama is not all for the ratings but because of their talent, wins... Siwon has the advantage here because he's a sunbae and he did a lot of dramas already. But I'm anticipating "What's Up" more than these three dramas, the story sounds interesting and the casting is awesome too. Anyway here's the Synopsis of each drama.

A restless girl wants a gay (male) friend, ’cause fag hags are cool. The guy wants a place to live, so he pretends to be gay as they live together.

Jun Jin Ho is a perfectionist who decides to act as a homosexual to become the roommate of his crush, who only befriends homosexual boys. Jun Jin Ho also enjoys seeing his room abnormally clean and neat, and of course, enjoys playing with girls as well.

Park Kae-in is a late-twenties furniture designer who is the daughter of a famous architecture professor. She is the young founder of her own furniture brand but frequently makes mistakes, and is “frustratingly trusting” in a way that makes her an easy target for betrayal when she trusts people she shouldn’t. Still, she maintains an upbeat demeanor and pure spirit. She’s been hurt a lot and has always wanted to have gay male friends (perhaps due to her numerous betrayals?), and the plot gets going when she gains new roommate Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho), whom she believes to be gay. Of course, he develops feelings for her but by then she has started to trust him, not knowing that their relationship was built on that lie.

Chae Rim as Yoon Kae Hwa
She is an ordinary housewife who becomes the manager of a top star in this romantic comedy series. Her character is a spunky 35-year-old ajumma who takes the job to earn money so she can take back her young child, who is in the care of her husband. She is lonely but she doesn't cry.
Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo
A pretty-boy top star who finds himself in an absurd living situation with Yoon Kae Hwa, but later falls for her.
Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Jun
He will play the CEO of a musical production company who once wanted to be an actor, who turned instead to directing and then producing. His horrible temper emerges when performance time approaches, but he is skilled at his job. He is married to a top choreographer.
Park Han Byul as Yoon Jung
She is Min-woo’s first love back in their university years. She reappears in his life after returning from studying abroad, now a marketing director of a fashion brand, and has a big part in making Min-woo a star by making him the fashion brand’s model and providing him with sponsored clothing.

Cinderella's Sister is a reimagining of the classic Cinderella tale for the 21st century. Telling the tale of stepsister who has lived a tearful life where she has been unable to be happy but starts to feel contentment when she comes to live in Cinderella's house. However at some point she starts to feel a sense of uneasiness .

Cheon Jeong-Myeong plays a character like a prince but with a scar and has a love triangle with main female characters Hyo-seon & Eun-Ju. Ok Taecyeon plays Jeong-woo a character that is honest & funny and also in love with Eun-ju.

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