Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choi Si Won for Elle April 2010

Si Won is what you called a "hot guy" I rarely use the word "hot" because I just don't. I get uncomfortable when I see buff men.. okay yea maybe I'm such a grandma about this matter but that's just the way it is. In this photo shoot there's not much revealing of skin here than in High Cut's last issue so I'm gonna post it on my blog. I like this guy because he has a strong faith in his Christian walk and he's very vocal about it I just wish that he volumes down his sexiness because he's causing others to sin.. lol but true. Anyway he looks manly rather than sexy in this photo shoot. His latest drama Oh My Lady aired yesterday (03/22/10) but I haven't seen it.. but I'm pretty sure his getting everybody's attention through his new drama.


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