Monday, March 15, 2010

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

I forgot the reason why I started watching this. But I guess Song Joong Ki won over me again.. I said to myself that I'll just watch his part and fast forward the other boring parts but it drew my whole attention as soon as I watched Episode 1... I really hate seeing blood and I have a weak heart when it's about life or death situation but the story is so good that I can't help myself watching it. There's so much lesson to learn from this drama and it made me appreciate that I was born healthy and almost felt how my mom suffered when she was pregnant with me.

And it's not all about delivering a baby that got me drawn to this drama. The fact that the lead actress is pregnant while her profession is about babies (wah! sorry don't know the term) I have my strong belief that abortion is a no no.. since the baby is unplanned she thought of having an abortion but I hope she won't do it in the end. I wanna see how a strong and bold woman handle this kind of situation, even though she's strong on the outward appearance, she is a doctor who delivers a baby.. she should have the attachment to babies then..

Oh well let's see how it goes. The characters for this drama are really good! It's about time for me to watch a mature drama and not all mushy lovey dovey dramas. Ow and I take back my word about not liking Song Joong Ki to take this part.. I'd rather see him in dramas like this than all cutesy dramas.

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