Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Arigatou CNBLUE

I should have blogged about this three days ago, I was to caught up with a lot of things. Anyway here it goes. CNBLUE released 1st Full Japanese Album entitled "ThankU"  it consists 12 tracks but most of them are from their mini albums or most likely it's a combination of two mini albums with two new songs or should I say two and a half (?) Arigatou is such a sweet song.. I don't know the meaning of the lyrics but just by hearing Jonghyun's voice makes it so sweet.  I've heard the live version of Arigatou before hearing the CD Version and even that time when there was no clear audio for it I already fell in love with the song minus the screaming girls who reacted so much with the feed back in the sound system. I hope they this album will be available in Koreatown.. usually they don't have but I'm still hoping for it, gotta go there next week!.. And I'm excited for their comeback as Kpop band!



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