Thursday, March 11, 2010

2NE1's Try To Follow Me MV

Finally it's out! A month after YG released the single, I feel like it's my first time hearing Try To Follow Me when I saw this video! It's very different from their CF.. the blue/pink cutesy dresses are out and fierce and the "2NE1 style" are in. I love how the music video is not very serious but more like showing that "yea try to copy this if you can".. hahaha! Even the pajama outfit will only work for them.. It's very refreshing to see colorful outfits in kpop scene again.. I'm glad YG is not following the dark side trend.. it's just too boring. Even F.cuz that I thought will not take that path finally gave up... YG! release your artist now! Kpop is losing it's color!

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