Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ryo Nishikido or the other way around

I'm not really into Jpop because I never really try to do my research about them. But because my friend Mico dragged me into this drama I can't myself to know more about the leading guy in 1 Litre of Tears, Nishikido Ryo. I googled him and found out that he's part of a band.. like c'mon! Do all of their actors also knows how to sing? So I checked his song Code and the first part is kinda nah.. but as I listen to it over and over again it's very catchy. His voice is not something I used to hear so I don't know if he has a great voice but as long as it's not out of tune it's okay.. his husky voice is just right for him..

I don't know if I'll be a fan of him.. I never really sticked to Japanese artists.. Ikuta Toma and Shirota Yuu are the only Japanese actors that I know before.. well plus him now ^^. Here are the videos that made me like him more than being the sweet guy in 1 Litre of Tears.



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