Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Early morning today I woke up feeling like I'm about to die, I felt like my heart is shrinking and my backbone starts breaking into pieces.. I literally thought that I was dying because I was in so much pain, I don't know what to do if I should let myself be in pain dying while sleeping.. (seriously) But I couldn't sleep. I remember what my sister did when she was in pain before and I was the only one awake.. she went outside of our room and told me to pray for her, I was in shock when she asked me that time and I did pray for her but after that I ponder to myself.. Who do I call unto when I'm in pain? Who do I ask for help? My sister could've prayed for herself that time.. the Lord is listening, but He also said when two or more are gathered there He will be.. When I was feeling like I'm dying this morning I thought of what my sister did, I went to my parents room and told them what I was feeling and after telling it to them I started throwing up.. and after that I was relieved for a bit. I was scared to wake them up that hour because they might get mad but instead of getting mad they gave me love, even if it was 3AM in the morning they did all their best for me to be relieved.. I slept beside my mom because I knew I wouldn't feel better if I go back to my room.

I'm just so grateful to have parents beside me. This situation also remind me of when I was a little kid. When I catch a cold or fever I would go to my parents and the first thing they will do is to pray for me.. before I didn't see that it works but looking back now I am so thankful for my Father for always healing me, He is faithful and He will answer if we just ask. :D

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