Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feel the blue

I really wanna get a flight ticket to Korea right now and be at C.N.Blue's concert on Christmas... I wanna hear Jonghyun's voice live! I'm sorry Yonghwa but his voice brings tears to my eyes.. it's very soft and so comforting that even a fancam will move me. I'm so happy now that FNC allowed them to debut this year, it would've been nice for them to stay indie for a while but it's all good. I have a long list of my favorite covers they made this year. They should hurry and release a new album or maybe on their first anniversary?.. Weee! I'm excited. I don't know if I'm being bias but I like almost all their songs even those they don't promote on music shows.

Korean version of a.ri.ga.tou.. I have a feeling that they will release a digital single of this. hehehe.. they should! I would definitely buy their concert DVD if ever they decide to release one.

Love light with a twist. I love how the saxophone mix well together with the song, this act is something I want to see in a bar while meeting my long time friends. I love how the audience sings a long at the end part.. very classic :D I will look for a clearer version if someone from Busan uploads one =D

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