Monday, December 6, 2010

OPM bangs

Sam Milby- Closer

I'm listening to OPM music, it's all MYMP's fault.. because I saw her on omonatheydidnt today, she release an album in Korea, anyway.. I'm enjoying my time listening to old OPM songs, it brings back old good memories... Nina, Nyoy Volante, Jimmy Bondoc(just one song), Paolo Santos, Kyla, Southborder.. so many good artists! I love their revive songs because they give their own flavor.

After I left Philippines I don't know any new OPM bands anymore, do they still produce bands? they're going with the flow and following Kpop.. really, Philippines.. don't go with the flow because what we have is already great. I hope if they do produce singers like the singers that I said previously then that's good...

I just finished watching PBB Teen Clash 2010. I only started when teenternationals came, I know I'm so 3000 and late hahaha, they can't show PBB here that's why. I don't how I end up watching it but yea... Ryan Bang is my favorite.. he's so funny like crazy! He's someone that I want to be friends with.. Really! And I love the bickering of Jenny and Ryan.. and how Jenny lies down dead when she's trying to hide something. hehehe. But after they got out of the house they seem so fabricated na.. except Ryan of course.. Haayss.. look what showbiz has done to these people.

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