Sunday, October 18, 2009

F.T. Island craze

I started listening to them when Hongki was in Mnet Scandal, I got interested with his looks to be honest, and made a few research of him.. then I fell in love with their songs.. (only the ones with the video of course :D ) and made me change to Choi Jong Hoon.. kekekke...

So yea.. They're the only idol group that I know that actually plays the instrument on the stage and not sing and dance.. which caught my attention.. it breaks the stereotype from Korean Entertainment. C.N. Blue is also from the same company so I almost see them as one. I feel like they need to be recognize more because they've been in this business for so long and they're still rocking it.. but I guess that's the good thing of not having a lot of attention.. the slower you rise the slower you fall.. the faster you rise the faster you fall.. err.. did I just butcher that quote? hehe.. can't remember the exact word..

F.T. Island- Raining

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