Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MBLAQ for this season!

I'm always curious about them since Rain announced that he's building an idol boy group. Last summer a lot of girl groups and girl solo singer had debuted and now it's the guys turn. (there's still few girl groups that will debut this season but it doesn't get my attention) B2ST came first them MBLAQ followed by Child of Empire and so on. I guess those three will be battling while the rest... will!

Their photo shoot for Nylon made me root for them. It made me think "Ah...another big bang? or is it half big bang half 2pm?." They look manly enough for me to get convince that they are good and pushed aside the fact that they should have a good voice first because they are singers and not models or actors. Kpop mostly produce pretty boy singers and less manly type. I think DBSK, Big Bang and 2pm have the manly image as a boy group (those three are not active right now T_T) and it looks like MBLAQ will be following their path.

They released their album yesterday and also released "Oh Yeah" MV.. Oh yeah has not yet sinking in to me.. I guess I need to hear it over and over again. G.O.O.D. Luv is the best song among the three... it's gives you the Last Song Syndrome. But I really got disappointed when they showed us their album concept... vampire-ish look is not my type and I'm okay with man liner as long as they don't overdo it (but they did) I didn't like 2PM's outfit for "I hate you", I though they will be the first and last to do it.. but as I said earlier.. they're kinda hald big bang half 2pm.. or more like "more 2pm and a little bit of big bang". I don't know if I'll get used to their look.. I hope they stayed in their first concept.. well let's see, maybe it'll work for them.

And and! I'm falling for Byung Hee!...his voice, his looks... waaaah!... I wanna see them with less make up to see their gorgeous faces! Please! And I love his part in "Oh Yeah". Watch the mv here:

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