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You're Beautiful: Start!

I decided to voice out my reaction and review about the dramas I watch just how javabeans and bimbibap do it. But mine will not be as detailed as theirs. I'll only do the first episode then the next one will be the last episode with my over all ratings for the drama.


The first episode of You're Beautiful aired yesterday. Since My Fair Lady had their finale that same night the viewers sided on Yoon Eun Hye. =D Very interesting drama I must say but I'm expecting it to be more like "The World That They Live In" kind of drama where you get the glimpse of what's happening behind the curtains. I expected it to be comical but not that unrealistic..well their age target is different from "The World That They Live In". But it's predictable that in the last ten episodes or less you'll hear laughs turn to tears (or seriousness) from the viewers..

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Go Mi Nyu is the lead actress here. She's a nice young lady who faithfully serves God and dedicated her life to the Lord and become a Nun. She's not a "sister" yet, what she's wearing is just like their school uniform. She's ignorant of what's happening outside her bubble. She also have a fraternal twin brother but they don't have any communication ever since they were separated until her brother got an injury and she disguise as her brother in order to save his brother from the "trouble" he got in to.

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Hwang Tae Kyung is the leader and the vocalist of the idol group A.N.JELL. As everyone expected the guy is the one with a cold heart. When his producer told them that they will add a new member in the group ,who sings like an angel, he was so furious.. who wouldn't? The newbie might steal the spotlight that he has. But he has no power to change anything because the big boss always have the final decission.

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Go Mi Nyu who now goes with the name Go Mi Nam indeed have an angelic voice... a little literal. She sings like she's part of the choir. I don't how they'll work things out. hahaha!.. And I just need to pin point this out.. Jang Geun Suk's style in this drama is a no no for me at first but he kinda fits well with that character. Suprisingly.

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After School had a cameo. I'm okay with the 5 or 6 of them their (not sure how many they are) as a guest but UEE as one of the main cast? I'm not mad at her or anything. It's just that I can't accept it if she will be the second lady. There's something about in her acting that is very awkward but I can't seem to put it in words.

Go Mi Nam got drunk on her welcome party because she's ignorant with alcohol and stuff which cause her into an accident by kissing one of the members of A.N. JELL.. who's that guy? we'll have to wait for the second episode.


Watching the first episode will already give you the idea of what roles of the characters will partake in the drama for example Kang Shin Woo the guitarist you can already tell that he will be the second guy and Kang On Yu (Hongki) will be the one in charge of making people laugh. As for the lady who doesn't have an identity yet looks like the one who will bring pain and agony in this drama. And I wonder how the real Go Mi Nam will appear?.. there's no confirmation yet why he can't join right now and needs her sister to replace her.
And I'm looking forward on how they will make the fans be realistic because Korean fans are very loyal and sensitive about their Idol.

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