Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Worship Songs

I remember when I was kid (maybe around 7-10) I would go in front to sing praise and worship before we go to our Sunday School room, I was so innocent.. don't really know the meaning of the songs but it just feels right in my heart. I will sing worship songs when the windows of our cars are rolled down even though I was not blessed with a great voice I would still sing.

And when I attended my first HotRock service i was drawn by the Praise and Worship. I always tell my friends that the Bible is just hard for me to understand.. that I would rather sing worship songs for hours than listen to the preaching, but little did I know that those songs that I love to sing are all inspired by His word. And I'm just so amaze how God captured my heart.. I thought I was the one who came and find Him.. but it's really Him all along.

And this afternoon I went to Ate Gela's Music Page because I was so blessed by her songs and just worship Him. I was so down because I feel like I'm not doing good with my guitar and I was thinking that I should just quit the worship team because I'm not helping anyway. But God reminded me that I am not playing guitar for the people around me and that I focus to much on how will I look in front of the congregation that I lose the main reason of why I'm there at the first place and instead of quitting I should learn from my mistakes.

When I started learning how to play worship songs my dad keeps on encouraging me to join the worship team and all, and I would always answer that I don't think it's my calling and I learn how to play guitar so I can worship him by "myself" for my own quiet time. But God won over me, he always does, I know in my heart that He's the one who whispered to me that there's a reason why I learn how to play guitar now than years ago.. because I have the right reason now than before and if He gave me the chance to play guitar then shouldn't I be using it to glorify His name? And I'm just thankful for Him..

And since I'm reminiscing.. I'm gonna share some of the songs that we sing in HotRock. I hope you'll be bless by this songs

Worship Songs

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