Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taiwanese Drama List

Since Meteor Garden started all this to me.. give Taiwanese a props! They make good dramas for sure, I've read in someones blog (which is kinda funny) that Taiwanese are happy people unlike Korean because they don't make dramas or movies that lead actor dies at the end, which is soo true! hahaha!But you have to exempt "Lavender"heheheh.. That's one of my favorite Tdrama, such a bummer I didn't have the luck to find a good quality of their Promo photos, anyway they're kinda like Filipino when it comes to Entertainment Industry.. when there's a success couple or "love-team" they'll produce another drama with that same couple until people get sick of them. Tell me..tell me.. t-t-t-tell me your favorite Tdramas! ^_^

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