Monday, September 7, 2009

[KMusic] Top 5 last Summer

I want everyone to know that it's not 2NE1, BigBang, 2PM, SuperJunior that I adore. Yea I know I like to go with the flow, but I also appreciate other Kpop Artist that does not get much attention that they deserve because of all the pack "idol" this summer. I'm excluding 2NE1 here because everyone knows that I love them. soo.. here's my top 5 favorite songs this summer. fyi it's not in order

1.)BADA - Mad feat. Untouchable: Her pronunciation of "mad" and "crazy" is not correct, but I still think she pulled it off!

2.)Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra: Their video is a little disturbing, and made a lot of noise during it's release.. so I'll just use the Stage Version (or should I say the clean version) I love the hip dance =) & their kinda given because they are popular.

3.)Hwayobi- Kiss Kiss Kiss feat. Sleepy: I fell in love with Hwayobi when I first saw her in We Got Married (Reality Show). She's not as pretty as the other singers but she's one of the greatest singer in Kpop Industry. I can't believe she's not that popular? Why? & She doesn't have a Music Video for this song so I just used her live performance at Music Core
&& I just wanna say that I admire them as a couple, It's really sweet to see them collab!

4.)Hong Jin Young- Love's Battery: Ok don't start laughing when you press the play button. This is the one and only trot song that I like. And it's not because of Choi Jong Hun starring in her Music Video.. I wasn't aware of it.

5.)Navi - Heart Damage feat. Crown J: This song was released two months ago, and I just feel like I need to add her, I was battling if I'll put Uhm Jung Hwa or her, but since Uhm Jung Hwa is from YG and the song that I like from her are DJ & Disco which CL(2NE1) and T.O.P (BigBang) was featured. So yea, Navi has a great voice she covered Katy Perry's Hot n' cold with her own ballad version and it's really awesome. But I really fell in love with her "Heart Damage"..

So I hope that you're not just gonna appreciate "Idol groups" from Korea but also this lovely ladies with an amazing voices :)

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