Monday, September 7, 2009

[KDrama] Partner

Finally it ended!.. and they didn't fail nobody.. I talked about partner on my previous blog Partner. I told myself that if the drama sucks I would still stick into it because Lee Dong Wook is the lead actor, but I guess I wouldn't just stick because of good looks. I know this cliche for me to say but I really like this movie.. it's one of the best dramas I've watched.

You could see that story was all set before even filming the drama.. like even if the raiting is low or high they will still continue with 16 episodes.
The connections of everyone seems very realistic.
And knowing a little bout Law Firm is really interesting.. It didn't made me feel to pursue Law.. but I have more respect for the Lawyers..
The Love Story between Tae Jo [LDW] and Eun Ho [KHJ] ended well.. they didn't not kiss or hug in the whole series.. they only held hands but that's okay. they express their love through their eyes and how they care for each other. Even though its not yet happy ending for Eun Ho (because her son is still sick) life must go on, and some things are meant to happen for a reason for her.

And I'm happy that there's no second guy or lady. No one ruins the beautiful love story. kekeke. YW & JW I will say that they may not have a happy ending.. but they both know that they both love each other. They have to face the consequences of their mistakes and be a grown man. I love it!

Everyone if you haven't watch it.. please do!.. It made my summer busy & happy :D...

and a bonus for everyone!.. Kim Hyun Joo the lead actress sang one of the songs for this drama. and it's my favorite! please listen!

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