Sunday, September 13, 2009

My CDs Arrived Today!

I was talking to Sera last night.. telling her how my heart goes for Jay. I said the only thing that can calm me is the CD's that I ordered last week. And I wasn't sure if it's really arriving today because sometimes they take 2 weeks. But guess what! (of course it's obvious but I still wanna say "guess what" kekeke) They're here! I got them around 10 PM from the guard and he was like "another package from Philippines".. and I was like.. "what?? heck no?!" it feels like tearing my arms apart (haha ok a bit exaggerated) but then he said "no wait.. it's... Korea?... why Korea Yssa?" and when I heard that I was jumping up and down in the lobby, I swear I was totally feeling the "spazz" they're talkin about.


I still grieve for Jay but my 2NE1 and G-Dragon CD's will calm me down for now. I can now enjoy their songs with guilt free! ahahaha! They are the first Korean CDs that i bought (and I'm predicting there's more to come) well if you don't count the ones I bought in iTunes, 2PM's two mini-album.. huhuhu! so much memory from 2PM, & Wonder Girls & 2AM because only JYP's artist are available on iTunes. If only I could get 2NE1 and G-Dragon and many more artist I would do it because it's cheaper.

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