Thursday, September 3, 2009

Korean Movie List

ovie Edition ^^ I like watching Kmovies because it only last for 2 hours or so and most of them I really like. On Attack of the Pin-up Boys and Hello Schoolgirl I didn't rate it yet.. I wanna watch it again, because I wasn't a Suju Fan when I watched it =)) I'll give them a chance.. kekeke.. & I have to make a public apology for those who like My Sassy Girl (I should have done this long time ago but..).. sorry for judging you, I should have watch Windstruck first before watching My Sassy Girl. I really thought that My Sassy Girl was an epic fail because the lady was so rude and the guy is not so cute.. Sorry for being judgemental...=( I appreciate it now ^^ && I totally recommend "A Millionaire's Love" and "My Father".. If you hate seeing the lead actor die then don't watch it ;p

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