Thursday, September 10, 2009

Youth Shut-In

Calvary Chapel Los Feliz hosted an overnight last Friday @ their place.
It's also a small church also like us so we kinda easily bonded with everybody. Sometimes I feel like I'm not youth anymore when we have events like this because In every picture.. I look old and.. I don't know... Big? hahah! It's always been like that.

I really had fun and all. The games were hilarious.. drip drip drop is my favorite (see my previous post) and the pass the spoon/ eat baby food game. And I was moved by Gonzalo's testimony about his gang life and really just proves that everything in this world is falling away that everlasting life is only with Jesus.. and the contentment, satisfaction can only be found in Him and the things of the world is only for a season.

And finally! finally! I was able to watch Facing the Giants.. but I didn't get teary like everybody else said to me. maybe because it was too noisy and I can't concentrate.. but I like the concept of the movie.. but I think Fireproof is more moving for me even though don't have a partner in life.. kekeke.. someday ...haha!


Drip Drip Drop!

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We played this game last Saturday during our sleepover. I thought this game would suck and be pointless but it's a really fun game.. whoever invented it is Jjang! Perfect for the summer ^_^...

So how does the game works?.. It's totally like duck duck goose but the difference is you use a cup that has a tiny hole than putting your hands on top of the duck to create the "drip" and then you drop it to whoever you want to be the next it. But when the duck catches the goose he has the opportunity to drop one cup on the goose in the middle as the consequence. which sadly happened to me.. I didn't thought that I would get wet that much.. My two buddies betrayed me! T_T I didn't expect to get picked by Noble because.... I'm like her big sister?!.. haha.. That's why I don't trust nobody..

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