Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[KMusic] Hot Music Video/CF

I said to myself that I can manage not to share Dara's MV/CF because everybody knows about it already.. But when Jang Geun Suk's MV/CF came out I know in my heart that I have the need to share it to everyone, it's a little late though i've been busy this couple of days.. but now I'm ready to share spam :D..

Jang Geun Suk- Just Drag:
I'm so happy that Jang Geun Suk had a project again! I miss him so much! He's one of my favorite actors! I've seen all his movies and he's just sooo.... A-dorable! I'm so excited with his new drama where he will be an Idol (they call boybands as "Idol" in Korea.. don't ask why) and basically show what kind of lifestyle they have. I hope it will not disappoint me again, I had so much hopes from the dramas this summer and it just disappoints me. And and He released a MV/CF for Samsung! Omo! I loove his voice! even though it's auto tune.. you can still hear his awesome voice... watch and see!..

Dara ft. CL- Kiss: Dara Dara.. Why did you betray T.O.P.?? hahaha! another fanfic will be born. hahaha! Okay honestly at first her solo single was not very catchy for me. But when they released the MV/CF it changed my mind!.. And after I made 64 screen caps of that MV for Jiyu the song just keeps playin in my mind.. she's so "dangerous".. And I wanna see Minho with his curly hair and less man-liner. I kinda miss him from his BOF days.. it's been 6 months already.

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