Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bunny Wabit: Jay the Wild Bunny

I'm not supposed to upload this now.. but the fansite I'm eye-ing right now is taking too long. And actually it's all connected..

Jay, leader of 2PM left his fellow members.. and he's the wildest bunny amongst the seven. (you wouldn't understand this part, but if you're a kpopper you will).. He left because he was too hurt with all the antis throwing at him and petitions that telling him to commit suicide?.. what happen to this world?... What if he did commit suicide? will they take the blame?.. well apparently the news of Jay leaving 2PM shocked the anti-fans (now are you happy of what you did??). Jay must be really depressed by making this decision. He received a lot of encouragement from different artist but no one can make him feel better than his family. I never followed a twitter like this ever since twitter became a hit just to confirm everything up.. (and it did.. twitter is really useful eh??)... Anyway.. Jay is probably sitting in the airplane right now waiting to arrive Seattle and be hugged by his mom.

I really never prayed for singers never did it appear in my heart until now. They are also humans who needs prayer, who needs comfort.. I'll be praying for you. If it's God's willing then it will prevail.

Ok I know it's kinda out of topic for my photo album.. I just can't help myself.

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