Monday, December 14, 2009

Sanjang Coffee Garden

It has a great atmosphere. Their fireplace is the most attractive spot to sit but not a good place if you wanna have a big meal :D. The place reminds me of Coffee Prince which is a good thing. I prefer going here than Starbucks because I like drinking coffee in a place where I can stay for hours and where I don't need to get my own coffee in the counter area. When you have new friends in town bring them to Sanjang! They are open until 2AM so expect youngsters in the evening.

Their meals are good but it's not something you can't find in other places. But their food presentation makes it taste good. There are a lot of choices when it comes to drinks. Coffees are not that bad..drinking it in a mug is better than recyclable cups. Their drinks are kinda pricey (more like paying for the place) so I prefer buying drinks that you can't find in ordinary coffee shops. Their jujube tea is the best! if you're a tea person try it! Just make sure you pronounce it right or they will give you "ginger bread" lol.. that actually happened to us yesterday my sister got furious but it's something you should laugh about.

I just wish they have more choices for dessert. Their cakes are good but there's no wow effect, you know what I mean? Their green tea ice cream is sooooo good! next to it is the red bean ice cream =D

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