Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Artist of the Month: Lee Min Jung

She's been in the Entertainment Industry for quite a while but her stardom started rising this year when she was cast in Boys Over Flowers as Ha Jae Kyung(Gu Jun Pyo's fiancee) And when I saw her in Boys Over Flowers I couldn't stop myself for not hating her even if she's being a hindrance in Gu Jun Pyo/Geum Jan Di's relationship.

And Bam! She's now a leading actress of weekend drama "Smile, You". Her role in Smile You is pretty much similar with Ha Jae Kyung so I'm still anticipating more from her. I wanna see a different side of her. When I see her talk in variety shows she doesn't seem like she screams rudely to other people, the nasal voice is already accepted.

I feel like she's really a feminine lady which reminds me of Song He Gyo.. maybe she is the next Song He Gyo or not. She lived in the same place as Song He Gyo though. lol

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