Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year End Festivals

I didn't like any of the shows (SBS, KBS, MBC) this year.. unlike last year. I enjoyed SBS Gayo Daejun. But I did do like some parts.. mostly YG of course.. hahaha. Sound system of SBS is very crappy. MBC cameraman.... don't really know who to film. KBS, I stayed because of CNBlue

1). Oh Yeah- GTOP ft. 2NE1 (MBC Music Festival) Because of this I appreciate Bom more.. and that she's the perfect fit for this song. I love how Minji and CL sang "oh yeah" with their own style. Dara is having too much fun ^_^ She's like a kid jumping up and down. When will I see Big Bang and 2NE1 on stage? Next year?.. I doubt it Mr. YG

2.) Excuse- Kim Gun Mo ft. 2NE1 (SBS Gayo Daejun) I don't know this song but it makes you want to sing and dance along with it. I only know Kim Gun Mo from GD's Gossip Man and when SNSD did a collab with him on KBS Gayo DaeJun.

3.) Romeo Juliet- Shin Seung Hoon ft. CNBLUE (KBS Gayo Daejun) CNBlue did it again, I guess they liked it when they cover this song last year -and I did too. Yonghwa's voice fits this song.. O when o when will they go to music show where they don't have to handsync? Where staff will put effort to set up the sound system.

4.) Go Away- 2NE1 (SBS Gayo Daejun) I always have this fantasy that Big Bang will replace the dancers for this song.. but that's just a fantasy. It would be awesome if they did the backdrop as a club scene then they will switch the song with High High... sighs.. anyway.. nothing special about this performance but I just love Dony's (CL's partner) part.. it's longer and upgraded. hahaha!...

5.) Bang- After School (MBC Gayo Daejun) I love the concept for this song, but I never like how they sing this song.. I would rather hear "With U" than this. I love this because of their new member, I bet she's gonna rock 2011.. I always have a weakness for people who knows how to play instruments "well". Bekah should have joined them.. They're like the matured SNSD.. haha..

6.) Butterfly- K.Will, Lim Jung Hee, Younha (MBC Gayo Daejun) I can't remember who's the original singer of this song but I always hear this song. Love the whole performance for this! Hands down! I've been a fan of K.Will's voice ever since 2009 of Summer. Younha always does a great cover of Kpop songs. But Lim Jung Hee empress me the most on this perf.

7.) Medley - FT island, CNBlue, Onew, Junsu, IU, LUNA (MBC Gayo Daejun) I don't know any of the song they were singing but I just love to see CN Blue and FT island on stage together (almost) with other artist. But then again, I want to hear them play "live" without AR.

8.) Passion- Se7en ft. GTOP (SBS Gayo Daejun) You can really tell that they're enjoying their time on stage singing, and not just trying hard. Se7en!!! I love how he does those funky dance, I don't even know if that's the right song for it. But I just love when GTOP do that on "Oh Yeah" performance.

9.) Nagging- IU ft. Seulong (KBS Music Festival) Not a big fan of this song but I love IU so much! She's adorable, I hope she never take the dark, sexy path because I like the way she is right now, and her new song "Good Day" I adore too.

10.) U- f(x)/ Super Junior (MBC Gayo Daejun) Because I love hoobae/sunbae performance.. SHINee are like the same age of f(x) that's why I don't see them as their sunbae. And this song brings back my memory of Super Junior old show "Full House".

This only proves that I like MBC's festival more than the two. Haha. But still.. last year was nicer. I'm anticipating for more next year.. since Big Bang is coming back! (if YG keeps his promise) Happy New Year Everyone!

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