Friday, January 28, 2011

Disco co co!

I'm not very aware of any other Jpop artist than Johnny's. This week I've watched all Himitsu No Arashi-chan episodes that I missed last year. From all of Arashi shows HnA is my fave :D They have so many segments and VIP room is one of my favorite because they asked their guest what's their impressions in each Arashi member, I always wait that part because it's the funniest I guess especially how they edit the video clips that match what their guest said. Naka Riisa's impression is my favorite as of now :D

I haven't watch the whole episode where Perfume was the guest for VIP room, I'm still waiting for my approval in one of the subbing group that subbed it. But I did see the corner where they were teaching Arashi to dance Chocolate disco. Heehee! Aiba and Nino looks so cute! I keep repeating this video that's why it's stuck in my head now. haha. It's refreshing to see them dance a choreography that is so different from Johnny's dance choreos.. haha.. no offense, I still feel weird sometimes when I see them dance, especially when they spin and raise their hand.. hahaha.. I don't know when I will get use to it

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