Monday, January 17, 2011

Inception hang over

Last Saturday me, my cousin and my brother watched Inception.. I was the only one out of the three who saw it already so I told myself not to spoil them... but watching it again last time felt like it's my first time seeing it.. but actually getting the idea more... When I first saw this movie I tried not to over think about it because.. it's just crazy! I wanna make my life easier. hahaha. So yea last Saturday made it more clear for me, how Inception "works".. (cause I might be still wrong.. but I think I got it) how they will change Fischer's mind.. And why the heck Cobb looked for Saito in another level.... that part is still not clear for me... Then my brother really wants to fully understand the movie that we watched it again the next day with subtitles. hahahah!... and play-pause the movie when we both get confuse.

I never thought that I will say that I enjoyed this movie because I hate watching movies where you really have to think.. I never thought there will be another complicated movie that I will want to watch after Death Note.. hahaha.

This video kinda helps you imagine the whole timing in every dream... very clever :D

and I will say I still have some questions about this movie.. but I'm done... =)

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