Saturday, January 8, 2011

CNBlue Calendar 2011

I think there's already a pattern what from I post. Believe me, I try to avoid posting massive images in one go.. but I just can't. I don't want them to all stay in my desktop because I'll end up saving more, it's better to save it in my picassa album right? All I have for CNBlue is love, I hope this year they improve more =D I love them and all, but I wanna hear them play just like what I hear from the CD.. meaning, they don't need to manipulate sounds for their album.. it's not like they DO manipulate.. they might, they might have already, I just want them to stay away from the trend as much as possible. I really want to hear more Jonghyun for Korean album.. it looks like it's gonna be awhile before we hear them sing Korean songs again.

I haven't been joining in a lot of conversations with other fans.. may it be Boice, Blackjacks or VIP in soompi because I do get stuck once I stay there.. that's why I don't get updated much.. good thing I found cnblue livejournal few days ago and found the photos for their official calendar.. I like everything about it, especially Jungshin chingu's laundry chore, oh wait I did that earlier. heheheh. Don't credit me with anything, I'm just reposting this for my own sake hahahaha! I know I get mostly CNBlue fans or Jung Yong Hwa fans to be exact and You're Beautiful readers.. so hope this is also a treat for you guys


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