Friday, January 28, 2011

Dukbokki & Banana Ooyoo

So last Monday my sister and I went grocery shopping at Zion market because we miss going there and have free food taste :D.. But because it was Monday we didn't see many free food taste stands so we just went and buy stuff we need for making ramen and dukbokki. And bought tons of Yakult rip off because it's cheaper than Yakult and it taste the same. And discovered this Banana Milk that I always see kid drinking in many dramas that I've watched. Grabbed one just to taste it.. and it does taste good! It has the same flavor of one candy that I use to eat in my home country.. I can't remember what it is.

I keep failing on my Dukbokki, it took me three times to make it look like a Dukbokki.. I want to put more stuff in it but I don't know what to put than fish cakes, onion leaves and mushrooms... I'll research again :D

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