Monday, January 24, 2011

Seungri's 1st Mini Album

To tell you the truth Seungri is my least favorite member of Big Bang. Yes he's funny.. but he's egoistic mind kinda turned me off.. So I wasn't really expecting on his album release, I'm not also a fan of his voice or his face... it's not that his bad.. it's just that in Big Bang, I don't notice him so much.. But hearing all his song in his latest album I find myself liking everything about it, my head bobbing to every beat.. to tell you the truth I like this VVIP album as a whole than GDTOP's album, but I still love "Oh Yeah" above all the songs from Seungri's album.. hahaha.. it's more like this 12<7.. Anyway in this album.. I don't know which one is my favorite.. maybe his duet with IU?.. not really.. I like them all but not like how I'm with "Oh Yeah"

Listen to all the songs here:


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