Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nino hangover

Ninomiya Kazunari- Niji
Seeing Nino made me go back to my arashi fangirl. I never really spoken about my love for Jpop here in my blog because it's not as big as Kpop. I started opening up to Jpop only because of Matsujun and Nishikido Ryo.. then as I watch Arashi variety shows, interviews... I fell for Nino because he's so funny and I have a fetish for his slouchy shoulders.. weird huh? usually people don't like it but when I saw him walking with his slouchy shoulders in Ryusei No Kizuna.. waaah! I saw sparks haha... I still can't imagine I saw him with my own eyes, I always dream that we will meet in the streets of Los Angeles while he's being a tourist here and me as a normal bystander.. it would've been nice if I met him like that.. and creepy because that just mean that my dream really happened.

I'm not a fan of Nino's voice.. but I learn to appreciate it because it's not something you always here, when you hear Arashi, News or any Johnny's or Jpop group you'll know that it is Jpop. The girl that I met last Thursday told me why she like Jpop and not Kpop.. because they stick to their concept.. they don't change for the sake of being with the flow. That's what separate them from Kpop or Cpop or whatever pop. hahaha.

I don't think I'm still in a state where I want a carbon copy of him as a husband. I want a friend like him maybe? and I have a one-sided love for him hahaha! I'm already creating my own fanfic with him in mind.. waah! where we end up as being friends and him not knowing about my feelings. kekekeke.. corny yssa.

I remember being all giddy when I found out that he was on the same drama with Ryo-chan. I'm more of a Ryo fan but because in that drama Nino looks so suave (attire, hairstyle, the way he walks) I transfer my ship.. because Ryo's hair there is not really...good. And did I tell that my family and my cousins fell also for him because of Yamada Taro Monogatari?haaays.. I wanna see more Nino-centered videos.. let me stop here and hunt for more :D

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