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Looking Back 2010

So everybody is picking their best of everything that happened last year... and I got jealous so I'm gonna do my own :D

CNBlue might have used the fame of "You're Beautiful" to debut but in time they proved that they will not stay as a shadow of "You're Beautiful". In the first half of 2010 Yonghwa overshadowed his bandmates but now the three guys are showing their other talents. Jungshin on his 4D side, Jonghyun on his lovely voice and potential in acting and Minhyuk in acting and giving his killer eye smile. Even when they were underground in Japan I already like their music, it's not new.. but new for Kworld. Mostly all of their songs are on my instant replay :) Lie,, voice, I'm a Loner and many more :D

I already set my eyes on him last last year, but last year he became the hot issue, He's everywhere! hosting, drama, movie and commercial films and variety shows. What I like about him is that he's not an "idol" in Korea, I bet if he decides to have a girlfriend not many will get angry. I love his character in "OB&GY" too bad I didn't stick on watching "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" but I know he  plays a playboy there. Anyway I look forward to his work this year, I hope that he'll get his own drama, where's he's the lead actor.. and not the second guy, hehe... and a good story line.. Hong Sisters! pick him please!

I'm not into medical dramas but this drama made me cry like a river and appreciate life and thank God for being born healthy. Every episode shows different problems that can occur during pregnancy and the life of doctors. How they sacrifice their time for their patience. And Dr. Seo.. she's the bomb! The story left open about her pregnancy, if she's going for abortion or not. I think the writer let the audience make their own ending. So for me I choose that she kept the baby, during the process you'll see her care for the baby even if she doesn't say it.. that's the power of great acting. No words to say.. her eyes showed her true feelings. Anyway I recommend this drama to anybody who's looking for a good drama.

I can't even remember how many albums they released in Japan. But their album where Lee Hong Ki is still a blondie is my favorite.. I don't know the title of the album, it just says "F/T/Island" so I guess that's the album title. All of the three songs I like. especially Revolution.. Jaejin's voice is phenom.  I hope FnC produce more artist like them. I'm still not amaze with Hong Ki's voice, I know he's a great singer.. I appreciate more voices like Jonghyun (CNBlue) and Jaejin.. I don't know how to define their voice, but I get attracted to their voices.  The rest of their japanese album after this are not really flattering. This album is also on my instant replay. =)

Oh T.O.P.... why so gorgeous? I'm so happy that he's developing his acting skills in a very challenging projects. Even with his drama "Iris" he's surrounded with great actors that can look after him, so yea, I'm happy that YG and T.O.P. choose their projects well. Enough about my fangirling, let's talk about the movie. The movie is based on real story that's why it really impacted to me so much. I don't know the whole history of South and North Korea but just seeing the lives of those students who are untrained fight for their country made me appreciate soldiers. War will never be over in this world because human have different perspectives.  Oh I just pray for the Lord to come quick when I hear about stories of war. *sigh.

They release a lot of Japanese album this year.. but none for Korea.. YG really?! He promised that they will be back last year so many times but now it's moved to this year... I don't even know what to say... Anyway, at least they're still together as a group right?. And at least they released songs. Beautiful Hangover and Hands Up are my favorites in all of the songs that they released last year.. YG please keep your word and let them have a comeback on the date you promised.

I also thought that Taeyang will release an album last last year but he only released two singles that time. But last year he kept his promise and released a full album and an international album. You can tell my favorites from looking at the photo above... and Take it Slow is my favorite among all the songs. I can't understand why he didn't get the same attention as GD did 2 years ago, all of his songs in his album are really nice, I guess Korea is not ready for his genre.. as I always been saying YG appeals more with western music listener.. Can't wait to see him this year with Big Bang :D

Cause you know we're better together! that's how I hear it. hahaha. See I just got influence by Kpop two years ago so I really don't know how popular this guy is. But I know after he revealed his relationship with Park Han Byul it affected his career. I'm not really a fan of him unlike with CNBlue, Taeyang and 2NE1.. but all of his title songs are for keeps. I think Taeyang is one foot ahead of him (for me)

2NE1 baby baby! Finally after one year and few months! I think I got this mentality that they should make a comeback after 6 months but really if you wanna make good music you don't need to hurry. If you wanna be involve with the songs you sing.. you don't need to hurry even if people are pressuring you. So yea I appreciate them and YG. Go Away is my favorite in their album.. It Hurts is the runner up.hehehehe. I hope we will not wait for another year to hear them sing new songs.. make it at least shorter Mr.YG or don't give empty promises to your supporters

And it's because of my admiration for Hong Sister's works. I was not looking forward to this drama because Lee Seung Gi is not my type of guy.. but the drama I've been waiting for that time failed me to be impress (ehem*Playful*ehem*kiss) and left me looking for another romcom drama. Their cliche punch line made me crack up in the middle of the night. Two of my favorites are when Dong Joo and Miho are watching TV and Miho is asking DongJoo why the two ladies are yelling at each other then Dong Joo replied that that's what In-laws does... and that is just so true! And also the wedding imaginations by their friends.. Where they thought maybe Woong and Dong Joo likes each other or The three of them are really sibling and I forgot the last one... but yea, they were making fun of melodramas of Kworld. Lots of disappointments with dramas this year.. good thing "MGIAG" came

I cannot not include them to my favorites from last year. They were just back up dancers but they became really popular because of their funny facial expressions in 2NE1's Go Away stage performance. Rumor says that they are YG trainees but i doubt that because they also back-up for other Kartists.I really like how YG recognizes their fame and always put them in front and even gave them the spotlight during MAMA's.. after that I was really smelling something weird and hoping that they could be YG Trainees.. but who knows.. Even if 2NE1 ended their promotions I'm happy that they are part of the drama that I've been anticipating since last year, "What's Up" and it looks like we're gonna hear them sing too.. but maybe as a back-up singer too...

I've always been a Ryo fan and not a NEWS fan, but after watching Buzzer Beat and their unplugged edition it made my heart waver and look to Yamapi. hahaha. I couldn't say much about this but I find myself looking forward to watch this again and again. I think last year I open myself more to Jpop because of Kpop invasion.   I still find it weird when Japanese singer sings.. or maybe just Johhny Entertainment artists sings.... they sing great but.. they sing differently than others.. I can put words for it.

Running Man has been a big help for me to cheer up this year.. Every show that Yoo Jae Suk joins always turns into a fun show. Their first few episode looks like they're still testing waters but now they had it down the major game became Hide and Seek. I like the idea how the Seeker have bells on their shoes to add tense to Hiders. I just crack up when Jaesuk always look miserable when Kim Jong Kook catches him. I love their bickering so much! I also love how they include the staff in their discusions :D so reminds me of Family Outing. and Gary/Jihyo relationship..hmmm, I know it's all for show but it's still funny and entertaining to watch

What should I say about them? I think they got too much western style on their songs, I hope YG artist will not lose the essence of Kpop songs.. only two songs from their album that I like... that's because I don't always listen to the whole album. I know if I listen to them more I will like them.. But High High and Oh Yeah has a different feel, and it's very catchy :D.. Need I say more? I am a YGfam... I'm happy that a lot of artist from YGE released album this year. But I still anticipate for Big Bang! 

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