Friday, January 21, 2011


I just got home from watching Gantz at Regals... I guess watching it with people who has a lot of comments made it more interesting :D really! Me and my brother can't help but crack up with their side comments. Let's talk about the movie.... I know this movie is more of a serious movie but I keep smiling here and there... because.. Nino portraying Kei was so funny (in a very good way)... I can still see Nino while watching him. And I'm happy they did cut some unnecessary parts and focus more on the fighting scenes (if you wanna call it that).. I still get irritated though when they stare too much to their target instead of killing it, but I guess that's the whole point of ordinary-people-turn-into-superhero plot. And I am really disappointed with the dubbing.. but I expect it to happen already so it really didn't bother me that much.. it would've been way better hearing how Japanese screams :) it adds so much emotion into it!... and Nino agrees with me..and with everybody else too. I thought they would show the part where Nino was being the target inside the train station.. but I have to wait months before seeing it again.. hopefully they will show it here in America again.. and when they do.. I will surely enter the raffle =D.

I really enjoy the Q&A.. Matsuyama was really hilarious when he talks too long and gives all the burden to his translator. hahahaha! Everybody in Regals were cracking up.. I bet they couldn't do that in Hollywood.. Nino seems to know how things should go when there's a translator already.. I like how both of them jokes around with their translators.. Especially the part where Matsuyama hid in his translator's back, which he will do if ever he enters Gantz. (btw he copied what Nino did.)

Ow and I did see them in person even if I wasn't able to get a ticket in Hollywood premiere.. I suck all my shyness and went in front of Chinese Theater and made friends with fellow unfortunate fangirls who didn't get a chance to win tickets. Shout out to Miako-san and Aya-san, the three Vancouver girls.. sorry I forgot your names, thank you for being nice and sharing infos, it's a shame that I didn't get to see you guys after seeing Nino... and also to Yunji ( I might have spelled her name wrong) who lives near Alhambra.. for having someone to talk to in the train. I still can't believe I saw Nino with my own eyes.. right in front of me.. one bodyguard away from me! I always dream about this.. so I'm still in shock that I did see him. I totally have this 5 seconds where no bodyguards where blocking my way to him... I forgot my whole plan in asking him to shake my hands..I got scared that the bodyguard might toss me over.. I was just staring at him and calling his name.... Waaah! He's so cute! I think I'm taller than him though.. hahahah :D but that's all good.. as if that changes everything.

Sorry for my unstable fancam.. I really felt being pushed to them because of the people in my back trying to get near him.. it's kinda my advantage because I got to see Nino's face clearer but also got so close that I'm shoulder to shoulder with the bodyguard. hahah! the lady staff keeps on shouting "no photos no photos!" so I decided to transfer my cam into video mode. Hah! which is way better than photos! thank you for the lady staff's advice :D If you didn't get to see it that clear.. here's a screen cap.. 

Nino: what's happening?!
*insert caption*
He's now calm.. cause he knows the ladies beside him won't jump on him.. (at least we're trying not to)
It's like having the t.v. right in my face!

Anyway, I can't wait to see it on DVD... undubbed. and see the part 2 too! and too bad I didn't get any poster and shirts T_T.. next time I will really enter the raffle.

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