Sunday, December 28, 2008

Webcam Madness

I don't know why we torreses hate people who post hundreds of pictures with their different face angles... I mean, don't get mad if you're like that... I'm soo guilty with this, I have hundreds of album here on multiply (and I'm working to lower it down =D ) and I used to have pictures like that too (but not hundreds) ... Me and my sisters and brother sometimes joke around here at our house and spend an hour taking photos on our webcam just to feel how people feels when they do it, and I can't deny, it is fun =))... I can't upload the pictures I'm so sorry, we got great funny photos and videos but they won't allow me.. they don't wanna make fool out of thereselves.. they say if I wanted to post it make sure it's just me... so yea... I pick my tops on my hundred photos, and I know I'm so pacute :))

Me and David
I really love this one! with matching laundry basket on the side :))...  It's just a big joke, don't take it seriously, I'm just testing if there's really something with borders... and I found nothing on it... But I still like this photo! :)) ahahaha!

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