Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last Wednesday I went to our midweek bible study in our church, And we're now on book of Judges, And as we go through it, it just makes me sad how we people keep repeating the same mistakes, when we taste a little bit of glory we all get so yabang and we tend to forgot that its not just us who did it, and all that all credits should be pointed to God. but rather than telling how they fall short, and see it as an excuse for us to do the same, Why not see how they answer God's call even physically they knew they're nothing to their enemies.
Its just so Amazing how God really is beyond everything of our expectations. He's been so faithful for everything He said, and same as the Gideon did, they ask for sign, or test God first before believing Him, which is one of the saddest part in there, that we doubt God's desire for us so much, but He doesn't. And I'm truly guilty with this part, and that doesn't make me feel good, but on the other hand God gave the signs the Gideon ask for. I'd rather say God likes us to ask him directly when we are confuse than testing if its really Him, test seems to be a disrespectful thing, like you lack faith of Him, when He already took you out from egypt's hand..
waah! Gulay! Did I just say that?.. I hate to admit this but I'll say it anyways, whenever I read His word, I feel like I'm on the actual scene I'm reading, like litelarily! with the dessert stuff around me, but really we're on the same situation, only with more Hi-tech stuff but same problem.

How did everyone end up worshipping false gods, idols when they were already given a proof that God really does keep his promises?

* I said the same question as well ( I even get mad with Israelites before), Pastor David quoted on romans 1 preaching this "faith without deeds is dead", He gave us the laws not to feel choked, but for us to be guarded by the things that would seperate us from Him.

In both sides you'll learn a lot from Gideon's story..
-Walk by Faith not by sight
-Not be blinded with the great blessing He has provided us
-We did not do it by our own, so don't take all the credit
-Recieve His blessings to us with a humble hearts

--> almost the same thing over and over again, but we need to be reminded of this, He gave us His word to learn and to warn. Gideon's story is just one of the people that God uses for us to learn, and I'm just thankful for that. for giving us more than enough people to look up to. not on their faults but on their on mighty acts as they walk with God.

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