Saturday, December 6, 2008

Five People You Meet In Heaven

I finished reading it months ago, I've been super busy to blog, or fix my site. anyway, 5 people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom was written and published years ago, and on that years ago I wasn't into books yet, and I am aware that there's book named 5 people you meet in heaven, what I didn't know before was it's novel. And reading it was worth it!. But it didn't knocked my favorite books from there spot :)).

The story was about an old man who's about to die, and thought that the way he spend his life on earth was worthless, I mean he's worthless. but as he meet the 5 people in heaven, he saw his life on earth getting a meaning after all. The questions he have that never solved was now known and made all sense in heaven.

The story didn't focus much on how God really cared for us. Albom focus more on telling how are life is precious, worthy, and that all of us are connected in this world, whatever your color we are all connected. That's how I liked the book, that even strangers in our eyes, we should see them not as strangers.. haha is that  right?

This movie is definitely a Christian movie.. because the gospel was not shared here.. but mostly the connections of every person of earth

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