Monday, December 22, 2008


Now I understand why brother is so into this! And finally got that time to watch it, i don't even know why I'm so busy this week??.. anyway, another inspiring movie that I would recommend everybody to watch, This what I like about Pixar, they create very nice movies... and this reminds me of their past movies... each and every movie leaves a lesson, I mean not every movie now got lessons... talking bout good moral, I hope they make more movies.

Wall-e reminds me of I am Legend, maybe because they have the same meaning?.. no i can't really pin point it out.. anyway, the lesson is for everyone, Do not let rely on technology alone, another generation was dumb founded of the wonderful creations in earth, they may get everything they want but from that they get blind and all... I like it when the captain looks for more infos (even when Auto tries to tell him it's time to sleep)about the earth, and he ended up discovering lots of great things, and amazed on how it all connected.

And one of the things I like about this movie was they didn't put wall-e as the hero, If the captain didn't stand up, if the people didn't pass the plant they would never make it.. and they end the movie open, it's not a happy ending, but a happy beginning...

And and one more thing! if you don't want to get fat.. Stand up and do something!

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