Monday, December 15, 2008

Have I done Something?

This day, I felt like I'm so selfish on what God has given me, I felt like I am being fed non stop with His word, that I just wanted be out there, to share what He have showed me... and 2 months have past.... have I done that? I'm thankful on everything He has given me.. and I know in my heart that I willingly share His love to everyone, but it just I need to do more, He gave me more than enough, and that's the only thing I did?.. I know that He doesn't see any of our efforts "only" when we do it to glorify His name...

Someone quoted on do hard things book this "God made himself unreachable for us not to stop"... Amen to that, He doesn't want us to settle on our comfort zone, and He gave me this questionable answers... How would I know that's what He wanted me to do?.. and really! I don't want to be stuck on that question, I don't even want to say it to Him.. but I got no escape on that, I already did... I don't want to doubt His plans for me, all I need is a little back up :(... Are the other people He wanted me to be with thinks the same way I did?... And you know what! enough with the question! Let's step it up, take stand.. If they think they way I think then.. GREAT! and if not... I say great also, it's better to get disappointed (for me) than be stuck on "what if's".. I know if I get hurt on the possible outcome of it, I'll find comfort on Him, and Him alone!

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