Monday, December 22, 2008

Never Silence Life


As a child, we are told all the time that everyone has the chance to make history and that everyone has a voice. It is our choice to use it for the good or for the bad. And it is our choice in this life how we are going to make a difference in the course of history.

We are all called to be something great, we all have passion and all have a voice... But some people aren't so fortunate, some people don't have a chance to speak and stand up for themselves.

So my question for you today is, will you be a voice for the voiceless?

Every 22 seconds a child dies. Not of starvation or of unclean water, but because someone made a choice for them. Someone didn't want to be inconvenienced so they made a choice. A choice to silence that inconvenience, even though it was because of something they had done. That inconvenience is an innocent child, and they are being silenced every single day.

In America alone 1.37 million children are aborted every year; 3,700 a day. My generation is a part of the biggest holocaust in history. 1/3 of my generation has been killed. And it's 1/2 of my generation that is doing the killing. And what have we done about it? Nothing. We say we don't like it but we don't stand up for it.

So another question for you today is, are you brave enough to stand up for what is right? Are you brave enough to make history? On January 22, 1973, abortion was legalized in the United States and since then 40 million children have been killed. We can't go on one more day without letting our voice be heard. So will you stand and let your voice be heard?

This call is an attempt to come together in unity, with one voice, to be the sound of the heartbeat that will wake up the sleeping in our nation. So, on January 22, 2009, in a silent protest, we will stand in front of court houses, schools and in churches praying for the lives of the unborn. We will gather all across America. We don't gather in violence, but with a repentant heart, we will lay our petitions before the Lord to have mercy on our country and bring change to the hearts of Americans and their view on the importance of a human life.

One Day. One Voice. One Heartbeat. Together we will stand for change. Together we will make history.

"Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you..." - Jeremiah 1:5


And this reminds me of our field trip when I was in my first year high school, even on 2 months old fetus, (or one?) you could already see the image of a baby, and really its a heartbreaking experience for me.. they have 1-8 months fetus... that's just not right.. And I'm happy that they form something like this, they're not doing it for there own sake but for others, some people are not aware of what's right and wrong, Let's all pray for this event, I believe that it could be a great impact in this world if we all stand together.

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