Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Narnia: Prince Caspian

I know I'm super late!.. Dvds not available until december 12, believe me its a long wait... but everythings worth it!... It made me cry, before the whole summarizing , I just want to say Edmund is soooo cute!! and Prince Caspian :D... I've never read the book ( and I'm dying to have one now!) so I don't know what should be the story. But I could still see the messages that C.S. Lewis wanted to tell ( I hope) ..

-The battle is not ours, A scene where they attack the telmanaries (is that it?)they shouted "for narnia"... But on the second one they shout "for aslan"...on the first one, they lose, they went home in few numbers, I think that's one thing should be point out.. when we're missing the main reason of our fight, then we're going down. Not for our glory but for Him..

- When Lucy saw Aslan on the other side of the forest, she told the others to go there, But they did not listen to her and it's really impossible to cross it cause.. I don't really know, but when they reach the other way they found out that they can't cross cause their enemies are in there.. so might as well take Lucy's plan.. same way in our lives when God's telling us to go, we always doubt Him and cross the easiest and most possible way for us. If they listen to what Lucy said at first, it would have not taken them long, and that's just a slap on our face no?

-and I like how Edmund learn all his lesson, and help his brother not to fall from the white witch's lie.. clap clap on that

-And as for Peter, I guess He learned his lesson, It's not Him who will save narnia, so don't just go and fight and miss out the main goal.

That's just some of the great things that the movie wanted to imply, Maybe people got different way of seeing it. But for me, as long as it points to Him then it's good. oh oh! I wanna know the next story! :'( I got a little sad that Susan won't be coming back (is it really true??) at Narnia, It's just Edmund and Lucy.. I feel sad for Prince Caspian.. but it all seems fair ( I don't know if these is wrong, but i see Prince Caspian as Jesus) cause they are getting old, and human and all, so its a bitter sweet feeling :D...

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