Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jellybean and Ketchup

It all started last month in a normal day at work, and I suddenly ask Lalo "what's up ketchup?"... and they all laugh (and I'm not doing it as a joke.. or maybe, cause I wanna break the silenece that time) And he hit me back with "what do you mean jellybean?"... and everytime we see each other we always say these lines.. and even more pickup lines that rhymes =)) I'm so happy to be here, in philippines they don't laugh at my joke, I always get the shut up word >_< Every jokes that I know.. they all laugh :))... (ano ha dom? :D )

Here our some of the rhyme jokes that I got:
See you later, alligator
After awhile, crocodile
Bye-bye, butterfly
Give a hug, ladybug
Toodle-ee-oo, kangaroo
See you soon, raccoon
Time to go, buffalo
Can’t stay, blue jay
MaƱana, iguana
The end, my friend!

till then, penguin
" Too soon baboon "

What's kickin, chicken?
Why ya snarlin, darlin?
What's smellin, melon?
Wanna swap, pork chop?

And my own rhyme joke:
"Why the long face, grimace?? "

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