Friday, January 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

This movie deserves a 10 stars.. everything was awesome, even the things that I usually don't care in the movies, it's so good that when it comes out in dvds you will want to get a copy, A movie like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Pay it forward &.. A walk to remember :D heheh!

Well you could almost predict the ending, but still get wowed with the guy came up with that story, how he connected each story, He did become a millionaire, but he's heart was not after money, He just joined the gameshow hoping that Latika (his childhood friend) will see her.

And one of my favorite part there is not really part of the movie, it's like their finale dance where everyone starts dancing, If you've seen Indian movies you know what I'm talking about =D

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