Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yes Man

Me and Patty watched it yesterday, it's Patty's idea to see it, I really want to see twilight (sneaky).. but I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that. I don't wanna watch it first cause I don't like there tagline "yes is the new no".. I don't like the idea of saying yes to everything, but the movie's not about that.

All in all, the movie was great! Jim Carey is known to be exaggerated on everything, and I'm still bothered with that, I don't see it as funny. It's not a 2 hours "haha" movie, some movies just overdone it. And I like how they ended the story, you can't say its a happy ending, it's like they ended it from starting again.

SPOILER ALERT! Carl (Jim Carey) is a typical guy, He's on a boring daily routine for 4 years, and he's pretty much satisfied with that, He doesn't like to attend gatherings just because. He doesn't like to add any single thing in his life, he's not really broke, he got decent job, house, 2 best friends.. but he lacks with joy. One day he attended a Leadership Training about the Yes to all whatever, it's funny cause it reminds me of a church scenario, getting saved, making a covenant and all.
He did say yes to all things, at first he find it uncomfortable, but as he sees the good effect of it, he got used to it. but I like how they put a lesson to it, He went to the founder of that club and ask him to take out the covenant when he starts to experience bad luck, and the founder told him that there's no real covenant, it's just like an expectation (i guess?) and of course you should take every opportunity that's laid in front but you should be wise, you know when you'll say yes in your heart.

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