Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You Josie!

I so loove Josie! last Wednesday she gave me Phil Wickham's autograph, well Natalie hand it over cause Josie went somewhere else that time. I'm like jumping all over the store when Natalie gave it to me. I was so touched cause she knows I like Phil Wickham when I only said it to her once, and that was like months ago (october maybe), well I don't really care if it's last year autograph, I just can't pull out words to define how happy I am right now...
And I really wanted to see Phil Wickham again, last july was my first and last time I saw Him =(.. I wish he joins crusades again here in L.A. ..I have a funny story about him, I think only few people knows his songs that time.. people were like just standing and waiting for P.O.D. to come out (one of them) but as we listen to his songs, we loved it, our first impression was "ooh, good looking guy with a good voice" but if you really listen to the lyrics.. oh man! you'll really see that he's not doing it for himself but for God alone, I think he was the only guy out of 5 bands that really stood out for God.

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