Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Se7en and Miss A

I wasn't really a se7en fan before but being a YG bias I learn to love him. He has a good voice.. All the Se7en/ Park Han Byul shenanigans introduced me to he was and his music last last year. Too bad he doesn't get that much recognition when he made a comeback after three years.. but I guess if you're a true artist performing on stage than getting awards is enough. I'm not so crazy about his new follow up song "I'm going crazy" (lol) Maybe I need to listen to it more before it sinks in to me just like "Better Together". I love the YG Music Videos!!! I love the slow motion rewind of Park Han Byul's action... she got a weird pose for a second but that actually made me like it.. I hope we'll here more of Se7en this year. =D


Miss A's debut song "Bad Girl Good Girl" have a nice hook and you can really tell that all of them has a voice. But this is just my problem with JYP, why does he need to have that choreography?.. Call me narrow minded.. but that's just a no no with me.. mostly all of the Company of Korea needs to have it.. Anyway their new single is really nice.. I think I can call them a "not your ordinary girl group" but they might lose that title when JYP goes with the flow. I like the pink hair.. very new air from all the blondies in kpop world... why do they have to remove that?.. anyway I know for sure they'll get the new girl group rookie award :D


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