Saturday, September 11, 2010

2NE1's 1st Album "To Anyone" is out!

I decided to seperate this full songs from the updates because it's the full version. I'll include the official music videos here too.. Gaaah!! Can't Nobody is so catchy! How come I don't here much of CL and Minji?. I just so can't wait for the music video! I know it will give a different feel just like "Try To Follow Me" did to me.. first I wasn't empress with the song but when they released the MV I was blown away!.. back to the real deal.. I didn't expect Go Away will not be that upbeat but it's alright.. but I'm just worried because they have "S" word in their 2 songs already, they might ban their songs if they don't censor it. I have a feeling that "Clap your hands" will have the same vibe as "Strong Baby" haha.. I could be wrong.

CLAP YOUR HANDS Music Video is out!

"GO AWAY" Music Video.. CL is the heroine in this music video, she played it real well.. the guy may be cute but he's a no no... yes leave that guy behind... but don't kill him. lol

"CAN'T NOBODY" Music Video is out!

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